7 Amazing Tips On How To Make Your Wall Paint Last Longer

Wall Paint

Painting is one of the accessible and cost-effective ways to change the look of your house and your wall paint. Blending different colours on the wall creatively gives your premises a newer and fancier appearance. But getting the home painted is a time-consuming, tedious and backbreaking affair.  

It is very important to prepare your walls to ensure that the paint job lasts longer, which can be achieved through premium materials. Professional application techniques and maintenance are another effective way to prolong the life of wall paints.   

In this guide, we will gather some basic tips that can enhance the quality and life span of wall paint.   

Protect Wall From Dampness

The appearance of damp patches on the interior surface of the wall is a sign of water penetration through the exterior walls. The dampness of the wall is a significant factor that damages the wall paints and distorts their long life.   

It is very important to check the cracks on the edges, especially the places near the water reservoirs and fix the water leakage before applying any new coat on the wall.  

Get The Wall Plastered

The wall should be well-plastered, and any major or minor damage or cracks must be fixed instantly. After the plaster, ensure it gets to a good curable time before applying any coating. The smoothness is affected if the cement is not well set on the wall.   

Clean The Surface

The dirt and debris on the wall hinder the paint from sticking to the surface correctly. It is very important to clean your walls thoroughly before applying any paint. The easiest way to clean the surface is to wipe down the walls with a damp cloth and use any detergent to remove dirt, bugs and stains. After that, take a wet, clean towel to remove any leftover debris.  

The clean surface lets the wall paint set quite smoothly. Any residue left behind can loosen up the paint applied to the surface.   

Use Primer For Good Paint Adhesion

Applying the primer coat helps seal the wall and provides a good base for binding the paint so it doesn’t peel off. Priming helps to prolong the life of the wall paint, ensuring better adhesion to the surface.   

The primer must be given at least 8-10 hours of drying after application to achieve optimal results. It must be kept in mind that before applying the primer, the walls should be dry and free from any dirt, dust or grime.  

Choose A High-quality Paint

Good quality paint can save you from frequent damage to the wall paint. Significant research is important to find out about the ideal wall paints, or a trusted wall painter must be found to use prime quality materials in his work.  

The market has a variety of different products for different applications. Investing in high-quality paints and undercoats produced by a reputable manufacturer is recommended. A good paint protects the wall, limits fading and improves durability.   

Hire A Professional

If you do the painting yourself, there are chances of potential lapses that can cut down the life of the wall paints. Therefore, a professional painter with years of experience in performing the job must be hired. They have the right tools and ample knowledge of the best quality paint services that can transform any wall.   

Wall painting is a bigger task than anticipated, and it needs expert help throughout to get the work done on time, effectively and efficiently.   

Correct Application Of Wall Paints

If the wall paint is applied correctly, it can ensure a long life. Many aspects must be kept in mind to get good results; therefore, professional help is recommended to prevent any loopholes while doing the job. Using a primer can hide the older, vibrant wall paint patches finely.  

Furthermore, the proper brush techniques also play a vital role in ensuring a good paint job. Using the thin coat, the colors will be too weak and patchy once the paint is dried. It can even leave cracks and lumps on the wall.   

Using the brush to apply the paint on the wall is recommended, then using a roller immediately afterwards to smoothen any accumulated paint. This allows the paint to blend evenly on the wall.   

Benefits Of Implementing The 7 Tips

If you follow the tips mentioned above to paint your walls, you can achieve:  

  • The longevity of the wall paint
  • Neat & tidy walls for a longer period
  • Reduce the need for extra maintenance 
  • Conceal any minor wall cracks and damage


The tips highlighted in this article prevent you from getting your walls painted frequently. To ensure that the paint on the walls of your house doesn’t start to rip off immediately, these tips can play a big part in curing them in the long term.   

AFG Master Painters offers a wide range of high-quality paints that are good in appearance when applied and stay on the wall for many years without getting patched out.  

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