8 Common Blunders To Avoid When Picking A Paint Color

Choosing Paint Colors

Picking a paint color can be one of the most exhilarating experiences because of the flexibility and freedom it gives you. Although choosing the wrong color is not the end of the world. Still, it’s not an ideal scenario.

There are a few things the paint store will not tell you. We have compiled this blog so you can avoid these common mistakes.

Common Mistakes When Choosing A Paint Color

A good paint color choice can turn your ho-hum living room into a vibrant piece of art. That is why staying clear of the usual paint color mistakes is necessary when thinking of getting a repaint.

The Temptation To Match With The Décor

When choosing paint colors, you may feel the urge to match the wall color with your ottoman or room painting. Rather you can choose the décor color in a lighter version to make the accent piece pop. You can also use a complementary color to make the piece look brighter.

Making A Hasty Decision

Do not decide on color too quickly; take a few days as the wall paint colors change throughout the day and on a sunny day vs. a cloudy day.

You can test paint samples in various parts of your room to visualize the paint’s appearance in natural light and other lights.

After carefully testing the paint swatches, you can make your ultimate choice and save any frustration.

Ignoring A Colour’s Undertone

When picking paint color, choosing the right undertone is important. Even if you are selecting paint of white colour, it has a spectrum of undertones. A few white colors have a blue undertone, some have green, some have yellow, and some have a reddish undertone.

One of the biggest paint color mistakes you can make is not considering the undertone of colour. Undertone is the biggest factor in how color will look in light or shadow.

Choosing The Wrong Finish

Which finish you choose in interior design also determines the appearance of your walls. This speaks for the importance of paint finishes. You have the option of gloss, semi-gloss, eggshell, and flat paints.

A paint finish can vary in how easy it is to clean it. For example, a flat finish is not very easy to clean, so it’s best to use it in your bedroom or other such spaces where the wall mess is minimum.

Satins, semi-gloss, and eggshells have more sheen than other finishes, which is why they make a room brighter. Gloss works best for trims and doors. These paint finishes are an excellent choice for a kid’s room and kitchen because they need cleaning more often.

Overlooking The Ceiling

It happens quite often. A room’s ceilings occupy a large area of space, but when choosing a paint colour we tend to overlook them and decide the color palette, only thinking of walls.

If you want to create the best impact for your room’s ceilings, the greatest way is to choose lighter more neutral colors that beautifully complement a wall. A bold color or glossy white for the ceiling paint should be the main colour source.

Painting All Of It The Same

It is a common mistake when choosing a paint color. We fall into the deadly trap of painting every nook and corner of the house with the same color.

Please remember that the differences in colors don’t need to be extravagant, but it is a fact that subtle colour changes in a home can make quite a statement.

It is the best idea to experiment with the paint color on a ceiling or an accent wall and make the room vibe in a classy way. You can also change the vibe of the room by adding a texture with a shiplap, wallpaper, or stencil.

Moreover, pick one room where you can make a big statement by using a darker accent color to paint all the walls. The dark colour should also complement your home’s overall color scheme.

Getting Stuck On The Same Colour Scheme

The thing is colour trends change. Maybe you weren’t expecting this, and it’s a shock for you, but it’s true.

The trends from 15 years ago today look dated.

So, not keeping up with the changing trends is not a good idea. Just because a trend was cool back in the day doesn’t mean it looks trendy now.

Take enough time to rethink your choices and combinations when visiting a paint store. Who knows, you may find a new favorite paint colour when trying new trends.

Not Choosing A Professional

The worst mistake of all when choosing a paint color is not considering using expert opinion. Instead of DIYing the whole paint project, it’s best to choose painters Brisbane that can give you the best ideas to paint your home with a cool vibe.

It can be costly, time consuming, and quite stressful to paint a home. That’s where experts can help you. They help you choose what’s in trend and what will also suit your home, making it pop up with a warm and welcoming vibe.

AFG Master Painters: Your Reliable Painters Brisbane

It’s time to revisualize and repaint your home or office with AFG Master commercial Painters Brisbane. With us, you don’t have to make tough decisions on your own. Our experts can help you and let you know the mistakes to avoid when choosing paint colors.

We are licensed and have QBCC approved staff to bring magic to any residential or commercial place. If you are looking to make your space pop and fizzle, we are just one call away for a free color consultation.

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