Everything You Should Know About Eco-friendly Paint

Eco-friendly Paint

You’re considering modernizing your home with the latest paint trends or just moving into your new home. You want an interior and exterior repaint to add colour and vibrance, so you will most probably be tempted to go for popular choices, unaware of the impact.

While traditional and ‘popular’ paints can transform your space, they also have a negative effect on the environment and your health. This blog is your perfect guide to a safer alternative, eco-friendly paint to the usual inferior paint options.

What Are Eco-Friendly Paints

Eco-friendly paint is a non-toxic alternative to conventional paints with large volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Eco-friendly paints have organic materials in them, like milk proteins, lay, citrus, and balsam.

You can use VOC free paints in your building as a healthy alternative without emitting odour. It’s not only safe for you but also for those people with allergies or respiratory conditions.

Manufacturers prepare eco paint in an environmentally friendly way which is why they have a low carbon footprint. Moreover, an eco friendly paint is microporous, so it allows your painted walls to breathe.

You can use these paints to improve buildings, schools, and hospitals’ air quality.

Types of Eco-Friendly Paints

You visit a paint store and see non-toxic green paint products, but which one will be suitable for your needs? It’s important to know the difference between various eco-friendly paints. That helps you choose the one that your project needs.

Low VOC Paint

When your paint is drying, it releases chemical fumes called volatile organic compounds. VOC paints have adverse side effects on health and have a high carbon footprint. Paint with a lower VOC level means better air quality.

A paint with low VOC will also dry quickly, so the interior painters Brisbane should also be experienced in such a paint job. This paint works best for outdoor or indoor walls and facades.

Zero-VOC Paint

A paint is zero VOC if it has fewer than 5 grams of VOCs per litre. Zero VOC is difficult in dark paint colours compared to lighter ones because the tinting component uses high voc.

Please note that even if VOCs are not present in the base paint, they will still be present in a few colourants. It is better to trust the paints that clearly mention their ingredients list.

Zero VOC paints also spread or dry at a different rate than voc products, so hire a professional to apply them.

Plant Based Paint

These are also commonly known as natural paints. It is manufactured with minerals and natural compounds such as resins, clay, beeswax, and plant extracts, so these are not toxic.

There is no pungent odour and fewer adverse reactions to humans and the environment with these paints. Plant-based paints are best for buildings with residents having skin irritations or allergies. You can use the paint for skirting boards, timber architraves, and interiors.

Hire experienced commercial painters Brisbane to work on your project if you are using this paint.

Water Based Paint

Water based paint is a better option than non-water based toxic paints in the market. Usually, these paints have biodegradable ingredients with lower toxicity and chemical content.

So, these paints pose much less threat to air quality and the environment. This paint makes it easy to breathe, which is a win-win for you and the environment. You can use it for exterior walls.

Is Your Paint Eco Friendly

Many paint companies claim to manufacture eco friendly paints but to make sure, you must:

  • Check the label for organic certified
  • Identify who certified the paint
  • Find out the used ingredients

Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Paint

Better Sustainability

You can improve your building’s reputation by using vegan friendly eco paint and improving sustainability. This way Green Building Council of Australia will give you a green star rating.

Getting this rating means your building is sustainable and minimizing the environmental impact. And thus, you can get more tenants and students in your building.

No Nasty VOCs

Interior and exterior paints with high VOCs are toxic, leaving an unpleasant odour and giving residents headaches dizziness due to pollutants. They are non-recyclable and non-biodegradable, whereas eco-friendly paints have the least VOCs.

Long Lasting

Eco paints outlast oil based paints as they are made from organic compounds. These paints are dirt-repellent and dry harder. That means you can maintain that fresh paint look longer than oil or acrylic-based paints.

So, the paint lasts longer, and you need less repainting, which means saving money in the longer run.

How To Minimize The Impact Of A Paint Project

Do you want to bring down a paint job’s environmental drain? Well, it depends on how tactfully you handle the waste.

Dispose of The Paint Properly

The disposal method can vary based on your suburb, as each has its own set of rules. You can ask your local waste disposal agency to know how and in what condition you can dispose of the paint.

Don’t Buy More Than What You Need

Before starting a paint job, calculate the quantity of paint required. Buying one gallon paint means you will get paint to cover about 400 square feet. To avoid wasting, don’t overbuy paint for a project. When a lot of paint is left over, it’ll go to waste.

AFG Master Painters: Your Quality Interior and Exterior Painters Brisbane

It’s time to revisualize and repaint your home or office with AFG Master Painters. We use low VOC eco-friendly paints to give an elegant look to any space you desire. We are licensed and have QBCC approved staff to bring magic to any residential or commercial place.

If you are looking to get your space painted to perfection using eco-friendly paints, we are just one call away for a free colour consultation.

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