How to Choose Interior Paint Colors: 6 No-Fail Tips

interior paint colors

Are you dreaming of the perfect interior paint colors to capture your home in its spirit?

You’re in luck, as you are at just the right blog. While designing your dream home, it is quite essential to choose interior wall paintings wisely.

Whether it’s the first time you are painting your home or just re-painting your home in order to follow up with the latest color trends in Brisbane.

We understand how crucial it is to choose the best paint colors for your home, so here’s an inspiration you will need to select the best options.

6 Game Changing Tips to Choose Paint Color Like a Pro

It seems easy to choose interior paint colors at first, but it can become an arduous task when you have to make a final decision out of so many choices.

But AFG Master Painters Brisbane has got you covered.

1) Create A Matching Color Scheme With Your Home Furniture

Thousands of captivating colors exist in the world, but which spectrum of colors will give the best look to your room? Orange, indigo, red, green, yellow, blue, and violet are the basics of a color palette, and you have to decide which one can make your home feel like heaven.

No need to feel paralyzed when visiting a paint store. Here’s our simple method to choose the perfect color scheme.

  • Select 3 colors

Choose some existing objects in your home, such as your favorite painting, sofa, pillow, or vase. The point is to select a thing that gives you comfort due to an emotional connection.

Bring the object to the store with you and choose 3 strips with matching colors for the object. You now have about 16 to 17 colors that you can select.

  • Finalize 1 color

Now choose one color out of the three colors for your wall and keep the other two for furnishings and fabric.

  • Choose a color for adjoining rooms

Take your selected 3 colors and choose another color for the adjacent room.

  • Choose 4th color for the accent

The final step is to choose the 4th color to use as the accent for the connection between all the spaces. For example, use the color for splashing into every room in the form of artwork or pillow.

2) Develop The Understanding of Undertones

Sometimes your walls do not give the vibe you want to convey. That happens because all the color shades we know are a mixture of the 7 basic colors. All colors have what we call an undertone.

An undertone is either cool or warm. If a paint color is warm, that means the undertone or base color is warm, like red or yellow color.

If the undertone or base color of paint is a cool color like grey, green, or blue, then it’s a cool undertone.

3) Confidently Pick The Bold Colors

Using bold tones can give a cozy and warm feeling. However, you must use the correct lighting to give the right effect. You can and should use bold colors in powder rooms, hallways, and living rooms to create a lively atmosphere.

If you use a richer tone, then it’s the best idea to use the candle and low-level lighting. Doing this creates an attractive ambiance when you want cozy evenings.

But if you want a nice transition throughout your day, then bold colors work the best. Having a good natural light source in the home can also make you feel energetic. And if you pair it with beautiful lighting, then the evenings can also become ambient.

4) Don’t Go for A Single Color

Do not box your home in one color. Adding a new color to the main color scheme of the house can make it more vibrant. It’s important not to limit the color to a box but rather add some fun to the home design.

A home with a room having a bold and lively color can make your home so much more aesthetic. When the paint on the wall transitions nicely, the moment gives a huge surprise.

However, the best way to implement this idea is to give bold color to a study room or dining room. Doing this will make you avoid any unwanted color clash.

5) Create A Nice Color Flow

It’s the best idea to create layers from one room to another. We will say it again do not box up all the rooms using one color.

If the rooms you are painting connect, then always create a pleasant flow. When transitioning from one room to another, select a color shade from the darker or lighter tone from the same color family.

A flow helps the transition of eyes from one room to another easily.

6) Right Sheen Type Is Important

When choosing the sheens for paint, the basic rule is a higher sheen means a higher shine level. And the more shine your paint has, the more durable it will be.

High gloss paint is completely shiny, whereas flat paint gives no shine. Paint sheens increase/accent the flaws. So, if you are looking to mask the flaws, use the least sheen.

The following are the sheen types:

  • High Gloss Enamel
  • Semi-gloss Enamel
  • Satin Enamel
  • Eggshell Enamel
  • Flat Enamel
  • Flat Matte

Every sheen has different features and decorative and practical jobs to do. So, before choosing a sheen, always do proper testing.

The Bottomline

Now you know all the important tips and tricks when choosing interior paint colors. Before choosing any paint color, make sure that you have a good idea of how you want your home to look. After you know what you want, follow our tips for the desired results.

Call AFG Master Painters now for a free quote or consultation!

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