How To Pick The Right Wall Paint For Your House?

Right Wall Paint

Wall painting is an essential task when it comes to designing a house. Choosing the right wall paints to get optimal results is very important. With many brands and hundreds of colors, picking the right wall color for your house becomes a challenge.   

Picking the right wall paint doesn’t have to be a nightmare if the person invests diligence during the selection process. The first step can be quick and painless with prepared planning and decisions.   

However, if the selection turns out to be in the wrong direction, the entire effort goes in vain. In this blog, we will study the basics of how you can choose the right wall paint for your house Brisbane and the factors that must be considered while picking the color.  

Research On Color Schemes That Matches Your House Furniture

The first is to analyze the color scheme of the furniture sitting in your house. It is important to go for wall paints that match the color of the furniture to blend in perfectly. Furthermore, make different contrasts that best fit your ambience to create an aesthetic interior.   

The unmatched color theme doesn’t look appealing or showcase a sense of innovation and creativity.   

Locate The Right Paint Manufacturer

Among a hundred different paint manufacturers, picking the one that stands out is essential. Credibility and quality matter most when picking out the best wall paint maker. If the wall paint is not up to the mark, no other plans can produce good results.  

Ensuring that your wall paint looks appealing and lasts longer is a combination one must go For. 

Consider The Space

While picking the right wall paint, it is important to consider the space you want to get painted. If you are looking to paint areas of your home with more traffic and engagement throughout the day, like living rooms and dining halls, you must choose a paint that can withstand more than occasional wiping.   

The wall paints of the restrooms and kitchens are always cleaned with water to keep them in pristine condition. Therefore, water-resistant wall paints are the best choice for such areas of your house. So, choosing the right wall paint is a decision followed by considering the space you want to be painted.   

Consider The Project Size

The quantity of the paint also falls in the definition of the right wall paint. Knowing that your wall paint has finished when you are more than halfway through the project is a nightmare. To eliminate such errors, one must accurately calculate how much paint is required to complete the job.   

Expert opinion can work well in this scenario who can measure the size of your house before you jump on buying less wall paint for the project.   


The washability factor plays a great role in making the right wall paint. With children in the house, you must get washable wall paints. Some paints start to fade away with the removal of stains and dirt on the wall, which starts to showcase white patches on the wall.   

To keep the walls clean and away from fading, you must pick the wall paint with washability. It is said that the shinier colours have more washing flexibility than the dimmer ones.   

Test The Wall Paint   

It is recommended to paint a patch before going for the entire space. Some paints might look good in the books, but their application differs from what you had imagined. Therefore, testing can indicate any lapses you might face later when the entire space is painted.   

Testing the paint color allows you to see how your walls absorb the paint and how the color turns out after getting dried up.   

Major Paint Color Selection Mistakes to Avoid   

Sometimes, the paint color doesn’t turn out how you intended it to be. It can be the reason for some of the mistakes we make while picking the right wall paint for our house.   

Find out the mistakes we make during the paint color selection process: 

Rushing The Process  

Anything decided in a hurry has a higher chance of being wrong. A good decision always turns out to be incredible. Therefore, while picking up the wall paint, stay relaxed and focused. Do all the potential research and come up with unique and prominent ideas.   

Not Exploring New Themes  

The repeated color themes won’t give your house a new look and will stay in the same old place. To bring a good change, you must pick colors that are different from the color theme that are already on the walls of your house. People are afraid to take risks with new ideas, so they repeat the same pattern of having a shade of ‘white’ over the walls.   

Combat your fears and choose colors that are different.   

Picking Less Paint   

If you buy paint in less quantity, you will likely use thin coats on the wall, which never produces the results you look for. A good application of paint in 2 coats amplifies the color and gives it a decent look.   


Picking the right wall paint gives your house a new look and ensures high-quality and durability. If you have decided to paint your house, follow the tips above to maintain good results.   

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