Unexpected But The Top Popular Paint Colors Of 2023

Top Colour Trends of 2023

Walk into an art gallery or an aesthetic restaurant, and you’ll feel something vibrant yet cozy hit you. And what is it that makes you feel at home? Here are the Popular Paint Colors to transform a place’s energy for the year 2023.

Yes, it’s the silent paint on the walls that asks for zero bills but is meticulously chosen by the place’s owners. The paints enhance the wall artwork in such places and are solid proof that paint can be so powerful in creating the vibe of a place.

The Most Popular Paint Colors in 2023

If you are going to paint your home for the first time or just doing a repaint, professional painters Brisbane recommend a few paint colors that work the best.

More people want to go with the playful and bold color tones in 2023. The major reason for this is that homeowners want to go more adventurous when painting their homes as they want to express themselves through paint.

So, let’s see what punchy paint colors are a hot favorite of people in 2023.

  • A Wide Range of Reds

Where people used to go for pale pink and other soothing colours like cool neutral and green to create a calming indoor, now they want to experiment with richer and more dramatic colours like red.

By red, we don’t mean just cherry red colour but also bold magenta, wine hue, and berry tones that can be a bit more on the energetic side of the colour wheel.

However, if you don’t want to experiment with red colour’s full brightness, then you can choose some darker but muted red shades such as merlot or blackberry. Carnelian and red barn are some of our favourite shades to play around in red.

  • Brown Shades

Even if you like to go for deep soil colours or coastal beach pale beige in your garden, different shades of brown can bring a new sense to your world. You can always go for cool grays, as they are popular, but brown hues can bring more richness to your space.

Brown colour refers to the tone of the earth, which can make a person connected to nature around him and give a grounded feel. Although many people want to bring a warm vibe to their homes, they also want an energetic vibe to the space.

The brown interior colour is a hue that brings liveliness and warmth to any space. The lighter and softer beige and brown colour shades work better, like Malted Milk, Cool Beige, and Redend Point. If you want to jump on the brown paint bandwagon, then these are all the coolest options for you.

  • Dark Blue

Lean into the dark blue shades if you want to experiment and go really bold, as blue is a trendsetter in 2023. To give your home a modern, cool look, we suggest you go with darker blues, as in mix the dark blue shades with some décor accessories in a warm colour.

The blue colour goes the best for a cozy small family room, a small study, a bathroom, or a powder room. If you want to go even grander and more dramatic with the colours, use dark blue for the dining room area. One of the best Popular Paint Colors in 2023.

  • Cool Tones Paired With Warm Tones

It’s about time you lean towards mixing cooler and warmer tones in one room. For example, a green or turquoise color with beige colour, or a purple blue tone with tan, or using a warm brown color with a deep green colour will look so cool.

Your overall goal in mixing the two tones is to bring your favourite items vibe to the wall art. The item you love can be a pinkish vase, yellow plates, or a lavender bedspread.

Any colour trend that starts making ripples is about creativity and freshness. That doesn’t mean that you need to throw it all out and start new. Use the things you already have and love with a fresh colour combination to create a difference.

Create an overarching vision to mix cool and warm tones within a space. But never mix up a room so much that it’s impossible to tell the tone if it’s cool or warm. What we mean is that one temperature should be more dominant than the other one.

  • Warm Yellow Shades Are Also In

The cool colour palettes include yellow colour which is a yummy, rich hue. Marigolds, mustards, and saffron shades are the new cool Popular Paint Colors of 2023.

In the interior design industry, the color pendulum swings between maximalism and minimalism. The walls, when painted yellow, give a deliciously decadent vibe to the whole space.

Buttercup Yellow, Luscious Lemon, and India Yellow colours are what give an interesting and warm tone with a pleasant visual and inspire our inner maximalist self.

  • Bold Accent

In 2023, we have seen attractive bold shades in really unexpected spaces. Instead of choosing cream, beige, ivory, and white layers, people are now choosing adventurous colour palettes.

You don’t have to stick to thinking about the colour match between your room ceiling and the floor. Wall paints can improve your life in many ways. Don’t underestimate the power of coloured trim, two colored walls, gloss ceilings, or checkered floors.

Go big, go bold in 2023!

  • Viva Magenta

The shade is more of a celebratory colour with a lot of vigour and active vibes attached. This color is now getting common, and we would suggest that you should consider it when getting paint for your home.

The Bottomline

This blog is your complete guide to the top color trends of 2023. Overall, we will say the top trend of 2023 is the way people use color and not the paint color itself.

This year, people are becoming cozier with the idea of using dramatic colors, even if used as a splash. Think of home color design as something that will make you smile in your dark moments when you need a safe space.

Your home can be a constant ray of sunshine if you paint it with bold colors. Get in touch with AFG Master Brisbane Painters Northside today if you need a quick quote for your home.

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