Your Ultimate Guide to Asbestos Roofs And Their Replacement Benefits

Asbestos Roof

Although asbestos roofs are not that common these days, we can still find many roofs like this in Brisbane. And given all the health hazards involved in working with these roofs, it’s important to know all about them and how you can be safe from physical harm.

So, if you have any asbestos, whether in your business premises or home, it’s crucial to deal with it immediately with the help of professionals.

If you want to hire credible roof painters for your home or office, you can get in touch with us. Now let’s dive right into asbestos roofs.

What Is Asbestos Roofing

During the 1970s, it started to become evident that asbestos can be literally dangerous for you and anyone around it. We phased it out in 1989 and put a blanket ban on it around 2003, but still, many consumers were not aware of the dangers it posed.

Actually, asbestos is a mineral found naturally. It is mined and used for different kinds of manufacturing. The reason for its extensive use in the roof building was its fire resistant properties, durability, and strength.

The roofing of asbestos consists of a strong bonding material like cement along with a 15% asbestos ratio. Asbestos roofs are also usually called AC sheeting, asbestos cement, super six, or fibro.

What Are The Health Risks Behind Asbestos Roofing

Since 2003, the manufacturing, usage, reuse, transport, sale, or import of asbestos has been completely banned due to the associated health hazards.

When asbestos is drilled, broken, cut, or scraped, it releases invisible particles that you can’t see with the naked eye. But these particles may stay airborne for quite a while and travel long distances. Moreover, if you inhale them, they can cause serious diseases and health issues.

Diseases Related to Asbestos

Lung Cancer

Due to asbestos, you can develop this cancer in your lung tissues. Lung cancer usually starts in the air passages line and forms in the cells.

Pleural Effusion

The process of pleural effusion leads to extra fluid accumulation between the chest wall area and the lungs area or in the pleural space.


This disease causes scarring in the patient’s lung tissue. Those suffering from asbestosis develop a greater risk of developing lung cancer. The risk becomes even higher if they are smokers.


This is also commonly known as the cancer of the pleura. Asbestos can be a culprit for it.

Pleural Plaque

This disease makes the tissue around the diaphragm and the lungs get hard and thick, thus compressing and trapping the lung parts. It can also cause pleura. The pleural plaque doesn’t exhibit too many symptoms, so the only chance of seeing it is through an X-ray image in the form of a mass.

Can We Dispose Of Asbestos?

As per the guidelines of the Queensland Government, the waste related to asbestos should be removed following the government’s protocols. The asbestos material is double bagged with 0.2mm plastic bags.

The bags should be properly sealed, and the label should read “Contains Asbestos Waste.” After doing this, authorised waste removers should provide plastic-lined skip bins, and you should put the asbestos waste bags in those bins.

You can’t hold the asbestos waste just anywhere, as certified landfill waste tips exist for that.

Replacing The Asbestos Roof

You are at exactly the right place if you want to get an asbestos roof replaced. At AFG Master Painters, we provide licensed and certified roof painters services.

Our experts are well versed in asbestos roof removal and replacement, and we make sure that your building is completely safe for everyone using it.

The last stage of asbestos roof replacement involves replacing your home or building roof using materials that are not hazardous, like asbestos, and are long lasting.

Honestly, getting metal roofs from us for commercial properties or domestic buildings is ideal for you. You can avail of a wide variety of roofing and paint options for a range of locations, including public, residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

For more information, call us on 0404 200 718.

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